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We’re looking for forward-thinking partners who have a deep desire to improve lives using clean energy technology.


Become an active part of solving the world’s biggest problems with leading-edge solar solutions. Partnering with GivePower connects you to the most innovative technologies and organizations in the energy access space.

We engage with those who are committed to moving the world forward using clean energy. We deploy human and technological power to the communities we serve, and we’re always looking for like-minded thought leaders, go-getters, and unsung heros who want to make an impact as much as we do.

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We have two funding levels. Power Partners is our most elite, sponsoring signature projects across the seven sectors. They are awarded exclusive opportunities to engage with our leadership on key initiatives.

Signature Partners fund entire projects. This is an incredible opportunity to make an impact in one of our sectors and address an issue that's most important to you or your organization.

Our Funding Partners

  • Bank of America

Program Partner

Are you working in a community that could benefit from solar energy? Do you have a project or an idea that could be strengthened by clean technology? We'd love to work with you.

We work closely with local program partners to ensure that each project has local support and is relevant to the community. We also customize each project, with the goal of long-term sustainability.

We'd love to hear your project idea. We carefully choose projects and if you're selected to move forward, we'll contact you directly.

Our Program Partners

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